Our 12 month mentorship program is only available as an add-on purchase in addition to the Growth Investing Masterclass, by application basis only.

It covers the following:

  • Deep-Dive Research On Growth Companies: 

Instantly Get Access To Research Done On >100 Different Companies - Save Yourself Hundreds Of Hours Where You Could Be Sleeping Instead 

  • Growth Investing Tools: 

Never Waste Anymore Time Trying To Figure Out If You Should Buy, Sell Or Hold A Stock - Get Your Answer In 10 Minutes! 

  • 6 Months Coaching: 

Get Close-Up Guidance From Our Team Of Full-Time Investors With LIVE Weekly Webinars On New Opportunities Or Latest Updates On The Stock Market 

  • 6 Months Private Access To GIM Mentorship Community &  Dedicated Helpdesk: 

Never Feel Alone Anymore, Get The Best Community Support You Need To Be Confident In Your Investments 

  • Portfolio Makeover: 

Remove ALL The Weeds In Your Portfolio,  And Build A Resistant One Regardless Of Economic Conditions 

  • VIP Access To GIM Portfolio Trades: 

Receive VIP Access To Monthly Updates On All The Companies That We're Buying And Selling With Our Very Own GIM Portfolio, So You'll Never Be Left Racking Your Brain Over What To Buy 


    • ALL Video Archives (Over 200+ hours): 

Get access to ALL our past coaching calls, webinars, case studies and many more! 

  • Basic Options Masterclass: 

VIP Bonus Training - We've also handpicked trainers who are strong in Options to prepare this Masterclass for you, so you can choose to accelerate your portfolio growth once you're familiar with growth investing 

  • ADDITIONAL 6 Months Coaching + Community Access: 

Get a total of 12 months!