In order to best prepare you for your own growth investing journey, we have planned our curriculum to walk you through the entire process of finding a high-growth company, step-by-step. 

We start with: 

1. Fundamentals (i.e. reading and understanding financial/cashflow statements)

2. Screening (using the Superstocks list), as well as

3. Doing valuations (simplified by using our growth calculator). 

After the basics are taught, we will also teach you how to look at the qualitative aspects of a business as well. Some things that will be covered are: 

1. How to do research effectively

2. How to analyze management 

3. How to understand the business model

On top of that, we will even prepare you for real-life investing by providing you with a mindset preparation session as well as case studies.

This ensures that when you have completed the Masterclass, you will have everything to get you started on growth investing.